Advanced Accounting

by CAS Software

Advanced Accounting is a low priced, custom modifiable accounting system that uses the Btrieve record manager for fast reliable performance. For less than the cost of one module in a number of competing packages (for example, Solomon, SBT, Great Plains Dynamic, etc.), the package includes general ledger, accounts receivable, sales order, accounts payable, purchase order, inventory control and payroll. The package also now includes as standard point of sale, job cost and bill of materials.

TAS Professional by CAS Software

TAS is a rich and powerful programming language interfaced to the Btrieve record manager. As a result it can be used to write sophisticated, database intensive multi-user applications.  The publisher of TAS (Business Tools, Inc.) was founded in 1984 and the first release of TAS was released soon thereafter followed by accounting software products written in TAS that later became known as TAS-Books, then Books and later Advanced Accounting. Since its initial release, programmers throughout the world have used TAS to write not only accounting applications but also special purpose in-house and commercial applications. In addition to a heavy concentration of users in the US and the United Kingdom, TAS continues to be used as a programming tool by programmers elsewhere as well including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Canada, Mexico and various European countries.

Services by Glen Steven

I have been providing support services and custom programming for TAS Professional and Advanced Accounting since 1986.  If you need help with or want modifications to Books, Advanced Accounting, or a custom TAS application, e-mail me or call me at 866-974-7771.

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